Military Historical Society of Australia

Society Mailing List Guidelines


Peter Evans

The society has set up a mailing list for the benefit of its members. Currently it is running on a trial basis.

Members can use the list to ask questions of the group membership. For example, a member interested in the WW1 period could send a message with the subject "Soldiers of WW1". Replies to that subject are sent to every member on the list.

Branch secretaries can use the list to announce future branch activities. For example, a branch secretary can send a message with the subject "Vic Branch - Upcoming Activities". Any late changes to a meeting can also be announced through the list.

Please email listmanager@mhsa.org.au if you wish to join the list with the subject "MHSA mailing list" and in the body of the email your name and branch. To join this list you must be a member of the MHSA. By joining the list you must first agree to the following rules:

  1. Replying to messages.
    As this is a group we want the group to benefit from your replies. How you reply is dependant on your mail program. Generally speaking you need to send a message to All. If you do not then the message will only go to the person who sent the message and not the list! How do you know? Before sending the message check the To field. If you do not reply to the list then the list will be a set of questions with no answers.

  2. Stay focused on the current topic.
    If the topic needs to change then commence another message thread.

  3. Do not make requests for assistance from other users via email.
    Do not contact users via email unless specifically requested to do so. The preferred method is via this message list. Thus other people benefit from the answer to your question as well.

  4. Do not post copyrighted material.
    Do not post copyright material without the permission of the author.

  5. Be respectful to others.
    Do not make personal attacks on other users.

  6. Do not post anything that is libelous, abusive or hateful.

  7. Post in plain text.
    It is better to post in plain text and not in HTML mode.

  8. Automatic responders.
    You will be unsubscribed if you have an autoresponder that automatically returns mail to this list.

  9. Email harvesting.
    You are not permitted to collect or harvest email addresses from this list.

  10. Edit out irrelevant text.
    If a message is long then it is preferable to edit out unnecessary text. Most users find it irritating to see a one line reply to 100 lines from the previous post! Please edit down the 100 lines to something more relevant.

  11. As this list is about historical topics it is not relevant to post material about current operations, equipments and procedures.


Page last updated on: 5/04/2009